The Greatest Teacher of All…




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Have you ever asked yourself “who am I?” Have you ever sat and really thought about what your defining characteristics are? (i.e. what makes you you) As humans, we are often confronted with situations beyond our control. These situations are not the defining factor of our being, but how we respond to them, tells most about who we are.

I recently have been flooded by a stream of emotions, and not from myself, but from individuals who I have come in contact with. Every human interaction is not one of a friendly manner. Sometimes, they are down right negative! But what do you do in moments like this? It is human nature to want to respond in a similar manner, however, sometimes, taking a different approach can make a significant impact on the outcome of the circumstances. Instead of fighting fire with fire, try a thing I like to call…compassion. Ask yourself, “what could Katherine possibly be going through, that would cause her to respond this way?”

We cannot control others’ actions or words. What we can control, is the way we respond to them! By trying to gain a better understanding of another’s mindset, we put ourself in a position, to not let off more emotions than a situation deserves, thus relieving the amount of stress we are experiencing in the moment. We cannot let others’ anger fill our heart with misery or vexation. It will only shift our state of well-being and put a halt on or journey of betterment.

Ponder the fellow feeling, while parading warmth, kindness, and humanity. Smile…and maybe they will too!



Books That Stimulate Acceptance

Jen Sincero- “You are a Badass”

Confession: I have never been one to think that books were for more than the purpose of reading, be it for pleasure or due to academics. Nonetheless, my best-friend told me about a book she was reading by Jen Sincero titled: “You are a Badass.” It is a how-to guide on self-development skills and accepting the state of your life….and let me tell you….did I ever get the realest wake up call in my life. This is a raw read that will leave you looking at your life from an entirely different angle. For me, this has been the driving factor to my self-improvement journey. If you need a little motivation to embark on your healing process, this is a GREAT way to do it!

Photo By: Katrina Gray