Hey Girl…Whats the Tea?


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Hey everybody,

It indeed had been some time, and I know you all are probably wondering “where in the world has she been?”…well everyone knows about those moments when life gets extremely busy and you have to just whoosah. Yup! The greatest thing one can do in their self-healing journey, is actually take time for themselves. Life has been…interesting to say the least. I have been actively taking steps to further my career along with working extra hours, so my time has been very limited. Nonetheless, when I do have time for myself, I like to spend it with family, or engulfing myself in activities catered around my self-betterment, including reading and writing. I have been allowing God to guide me in all aspects of my life, even with blogging. When I blog, it is about something very real to me, and I get a push from the Lord to share with you all, the developments taking place from within. In all…stay tuned because I will be back shortly. Thank you for the continued support. Until next time…Tri XoXO


Hey Memorial Day Weekend…I see you: 6 memorial day relaxation ideas.


What are you guys up to this memorial day weekend?

Well, I am taking the time to enjoy the company of my family. At 17 years old, I took a leap of faith and moved to a city by myself with absolutely no family or friends, and while 10 years later I have established a life for myself here, I still cherish the moments when I can visit home and enjoy the company of my family.

While not everyone has the luxury of having the day off or being able to travel to see family, there are several activities you can enjoy by yourself, to stimulate your mind and enjoy the holiday.

  1. Watch a movie you’ve never seen before. This can be at home, or you can take yourself on a date to the movies. Grab a small popcorn and enjoy. This way you don’t have to worry about anybody talking your ear off through the credits. lol.
  2. Cook yourself a nice meal or go enjoy dinner at a place you’ve been dying to try.
  3. Catch up on sleep. Some of us, myself included, work long, busy days. I know I live for a good day off, where I can just lay in my bed.
  4. Go hiking. Take in the fresh air and the scenery. Enjoy life for what it is…BEAUTIFUL!
  5. Clean. For some this is just as intense as a day at work. For myself, I find cleaning relaxing. Not to mention how much I love the smell of fresh lilac and verbena.
  6. If all else fails….call a friend. Sometimes just the company of a friend is all we need to put a smile on our face.

Ahhh…the smell of the grill and the warm hugs yet to be shared. Everyone have a wonderful memorial day weekend!‚ô•

Photo By: Katrina Gray