Human interaction is vital to our state of well being, and we experience these interactions through what we like to call relationships. This can include a family relationship, a friendship, a partnership, or a love relationship. The relationships we form and the quality of these relationships, have a direct impact on our well being. To maintain a healthy relationship, there are several factors that must be established, practiced, and maintained.

  1. Trust– Believing that person has your best interest in mind and accepting each others’ thoughts.
  2. Support- Be nonjudgemental. Give positive feedback. Accept their choices. Show compassion.
  3. Honesty- Communicate openly and truthfully
  4. Accountability- Accepting when you have made a mistake or taking responsibility for your actions.
  5. Cooperation- Be open to new or different ideas. Make decisions together. Be fair.
  6. Respect- physical and emotional safety. Providing space when asked.
  7. Communication- Listen and take it all in.